Going Loopy – My time with a loop pedal

Last week I bought a loop pedal. Tomorrow, I am taking it back. That is the short version of the story. Here is the long version. I am getting more gigs now. This is a good thing. I gig solo, just me and a guitar. I have no band, in part because I haven’t the … Read more

Technology, Content and Indies

I like my gadgets. I have lots of headphones, audio devices, computers and game consoles. I like having the shiny new thing as much as the next guy. But interestingly, I have noted that right now my gizmo’s of choice are the decidedly less high tech items. I have been spending a good deal of … Read more

Audiophilia – Mad for Sound

I am writing this blog entry listening to music on Headphones. A pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD900 as it happens. Do you care about the make and model of headphones I use? Probably not. You would only care if, like me, you are a particular type of Audiophile. I love speakers, don’t get me wrong, … Read more

Target Number One

Welcome! A Cheer! A fresh set of meat For those who watch they each compete for victory, they subjugate their honour, self, to whim of fate From audiences far and wide Fickle, dumb, yet they decide Fresh honour they have won Their Target – Number One Again! Again! We all shall hear This insipid tone … Read more